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December 13th, 2011

Having suffered though some hard times, Giant Drags next album is in the process of finding its way into the hands of us here fans though a distribution company. Until then, Annie has hinted that she will be setting up a home studio and treating us all to some tunes while we wait for the main event!

In the meantime, check out Annie’s new youtube channel – www.YouTube.com/AnnieHardy – where she answers some of your questions. There is also a little competition going on where you can create your own music video for one of Giant Drags’ songs. Annie will pick her favourite and the winner will receive a mysterious ‘treat’.

Back from the Dead!

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October 4th, 2009

Firstly, apologies, its been a very long time since I posted anything and this isn’t because Giant Drag have disappeared off the musical scene but because I have been very lazy. I intend to rectify this today and hopefully bring you all up to date with all the latest goings on with GD.

Firstly back in May Giant Drag performed at L.A.s famous Troubadour, which has also been host to the likes of the Eagles. Well, that night was equally historic, although not quite as published, for it saw Micah rejoining Annie on stage.

Check out this video of the night –

There was talk of Giant Drag heading on tour with the Charlatans, but unfortunately that was cancelled due to their drummer hurting his arm. However the good news is that Giant Drag went into the studio on September 30th to work on songs for the new record. They also posted an awesome music video, ‘Stuff to Live For’, which you can check out bellow.

Once again sorry for the lack posts! I shall work hard to keep up from now so check back soon!

Swan Song EP

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November 4th, 2008

First off – Check out a new song by Giant Drag on this short art film here – www.tankthreegracesfilms.com. Select Commissioned Films then Bella Howard. The film uses the new song ‘Stuff to Live For’.

On Giant Drags Myspace page you can now hear ‘Swan Song’ and ‘White Baby’, both songs will be appearing on the up and coming Ep. The Ep should have a release date very soon! The artwork of the new Ep will include a collage of all things Giant Drag. This means that anyone wanting to have a picture they took of Giant Drag in the artwork send it in. Also those who donated over $400 to the cause can send in a picture of anything they want! And it will be included.

Giant Drag Relief Fund

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March 27th, 2008

So, as some of you may of noticed it’s been rather a long time since Giant Drag released their first album ‘Hearts and Unicorns’, over 2 years in fact! The reason the follow up to their debut album hasn’t yet been released yet is due to lack of funds to make it. So, if you want to get hold of a second GD record there’s a couple of things you can do – firstly you can make a donation through paypal to go towards recording costs for the album. Those of you who do this will receive prizes, such as having your name on the album sleeve and those very generous people out there will get a prize/gift from Annie. To do so, click on the Paypal button on the right.

Don’t like donating but like Giant Drag? Then you can go to Giant Drags new ebay store and buy Giant Drag related items –

Giant Drag eBay Store

Tonight on Indie 103.1

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December 24th, 2007

Annie will be on Indie 103.1 tonight playing local music from 6 to 8 pm. You can listen online here. You can also visit Giant Drags Myspace and download Annies version of Silver Bells.

Album on hold

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October 29th, 2007

It appears that Giant Drags album is on hold, according to a recent news update by Annie. Also the previous news that Joe Chicarelli (White Stripes, Shins) would be working on the album can now be ignored.

Giant Drags cover of ‘wicked game’ was recently used on season 5 of Nip/Tuck, though this doesn’t seem to be a point of celebration for GD. Nevertheless, heres one of the promos featuring the song – click here to see it.

ArtWalk After Party

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May 16th, 2007

Forget the information in the post below as most of its wrong, here is the correct info. about Giant Drags June 2nd gig –


ArtWalk leads members on an afternoon survey of one of L.A.’s hottest
gallery scenes. Enjoy tours of studios and galleries, discover new
talent, learn the art of collecting, and mingle with artists and
fellow members. When the sun goes down, the event culminates in a
reception featuring DJs, live music, performance art, and
complimentary appetizers and cocktails. Now entering its thirteenth
year, this is the “how-to” of “do-it-yourself” arts exploration in Los

Tickets for the event cost $30, you can order them here.

The event includes free drinks, snacks, a whole lot of art and of course a live performance from Giant Drag, which may include some new material. It’s your last chance to see them as after this their heading into the studio to record a new album.

The ArtWalk after party is being held on June 2nd from 8pm to 11pm at

H.D. Buttercup ArtWalk After party
3225 Helms Avenue
Los Angeles, CA 90034

Gig at the LACMA

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May 15th, 2007

Giant Drag are playing on their own at the LACMA (Los Angeles County Museum of Art). The gig costs $30 but it will be long and include songs that have not been played live before from ‘Hearts and Unicorns’, along with brand new material. Also it’s the last chance your get to seem them play for a few months as after this their heading into the studio to work on the new album.

The gigs on June 2nd, it’s $30 unless you’re a museum member, in which case you get $10 off.

5905 Wilshire Blvd,
Los Angeles, California 90036

I Love Movies

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March 26th, 2007

Earlier this month Annie appeared on Doug Bensons amusing ‘I Love Movies’ podcast. Go here to listen.

Annie also announced that she has been meeting with producers in preparation for recording the second Giant Drag album.

Annie on Indie 103.1

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February 26th, 2007

Tune in to Indie 103.1 Monday morning to hear Annie judging songs on Jonesy’s Jukebox Jury. The show is on at 11am in the LA/OC area and at 7pm in England. You can listen online here.