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This Isn’t It Lyrics

smothered and singed,
like eyes murdered in sin,
oh did you forget,
all the words you ever spit,

love love love,
this isn’t it,
love love love,
you wouldn’t know it,
if it hit you,

oh erase my name,
from here on out,
it’s only pain,
I can’t tell you why,
you hate me for living,
won’t let me die,

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3 Responses to “This Isn’t It Lyrics”

  1. Cal Says:

    I hear “smothered and singed”. I dunno. Cheers

  2. Richard Says:

    Oh, thanks, i couldn’t figure out what she’s saying in the first three lines. The other sites don’t have this songs lyrics. Thanks for including it!

  3. leony Says:

    i love this song, couldnt find it anywhere!
    tried to figure them out myself but thought id check them and yes, i was right :)

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