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Giant Drag Relief Fund

So, as some of you may of noticed it’s been rather a long time since Giant Drag released their first album ‘Hearts and Unicorns’, over 2 years in fact! The reason the follow up to their debut album hasn’t yet been released yet is due to lack of funds to make it. So, if you want to get hold of a second GD record there’s a couple of things you can do – firstly you can make a donation through paypal to go towards recording costs for the album. Those of you who do this will receive prizes, such as having your name on the album sleeve and those very generous people out there will get a prize/gift from Annie. To do so, click on the Paypal button on the right.

Don’t like donating but like Giant Drag? Then you can go to Giant Drags new ebay store and buy Giant Drag related items –

Giant Drag eBay Store

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  1. char Says:

    hey i hope that you will receive the funds that you need to make a new follow-up album to “Hearts and Unicrns” i really enjoyed the first album and look forward to new songs from you! take care annie!

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