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Swan Song EP

First off – Check out a new song by Giant Drag on this short art film here – www.tankthreegracesfilms.com. Select Commissioned Films then Bella Howard. The film uses the new song ‘Stuff to Live For’.

On Giant Drags Myspace page you can now hear ‘Swan Song’ and ‘White Baby’, both songs will be appearing on the up and coming Ep. The Ep should have a release date very soon! The artwork of the new Ep will include a collage of all things Giant Drag. This means that anyone wanting to have a picture they took of Giant Drag in the artwork send it in. Also those who donated over $400 to the cause can send in a picture of anything they want! And it will be included.

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6 Responses to “Swan Song EP”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    i cannot wait for the EP!!!! bring it on

  2. mary Says:

    about the new music, did annie ever cover Dont Let it Bring You Down, maybe on gtfuradio? if so would you have any clue where i could get it/buy it?

  3. PJ Says:

    I love “Swan Song” and am looking for a bit to chomp at while I await the EP.

  4. Rertrand Says:

    I would like to buy “swan song” or even the whole new EP but I can’t find

  5. Rertrand Says:

    If anyone can help me, please mail me (rertrand@hotmail.fr)
    thank you very very much.

    love you Annie

  6. Rertrand Says:

    If you can help, thanks to mail me

    (if anyone got the live they did at the french radio France Inter thank you to)

    love you Annie

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