5 Life Hacks for Guitarists

Today we’re going to share with you a few cheap and simple hacks that will make playing guitar that much easier. 

Hack One: Use a pencil to tune

OK, so the title of this hack is a little misleading, there is no way to tune a guitar with a pencil. However, using a pencil to mark the nut slot (the area where the strings meet the fret board for the first time) can help you to prevent your guitar from going out of tune. This is because strings can catch in the nut slot if it is too tight, while using a pencil to mark the slot provides a rudimentary lubricant allowing the strings to move freely. 

Hack Two: Velcro on Your Pedals

If you’re using battery powered pedals this one applies to you. There is nothing worse than being halfway through a gig only to notice your pedal is out of juice. Getting out the screwdrivers is time consuming and will hold up the performance. Avoid this scenario by ditching the pedal’s screws and replacing them with velcro beforehand. This way you can open and shut the casing in seconds with no tools required. 

Hack Three: Shoelaces 

If you need to replace the knobs on your guitar, or simply want to give your guitar a good spring cleaning, you’ll first need to be able to remove them. This can be tricky, especially when the knobs are positioned close to the body. A simple solution is to take a flat shoelace and slip it under the knob. Once the shoelace is securely wrapped around the knob all you need to do is pull. 

Hack Four: Warm Your Strings

No doubt you will have noticed your guitar drops out of tune quicker immediately after a restring. You can reduce this problem by properly stretching your strings before attaching them to the guitar. An easy way to do this is to warm them up first. Wrap a cloth around the string and run it up and down to create some warmth while you stretch it. 

Hack Five: Credit Card Picks

Guitar picks are mysterious items. One minute they are right there in you hand and the next…they’re gone, never to be found again. If you’re tired of spending money on buying picks, or simply have no opportunity to do so before you want to play, it’s possible to fashion a pick out of an old credit or bank card. The brittle plastic doesn’t create the most pleasing tones but it will suffice if you’re in a pinch. 

Know a good hack for guitar? Let us know in the comments below. 

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