Brain May: Guitarist and…Designer of Bras?

Who would have thought it? Not only is Brian May a virtuoso at the guitar but he’s also a wiz with the sewing machine. It is now possible to purchase a sports bra designed by May from his website. The Official BGM Sports Bra is available for £35 and we have to admit, it’s rather fetching! 

The bra features Brain May’s guitars in various colours and comes in a range of sizes from extra small to extra large. You can also purchase a BGM shirt, also designed by May, and the official BGM “hold everything” waistcoat. We’re sure Brian May’s pension pot would appreciate it if you did. 

And if Brain May’s bra, shirt, and waistcoat weren’t enough, you can now buy commemorative Queen coins from the Royal Mint. 

Queen are the first band in history to have their own coin pressed and Brain May said it was both “touching” and a “real honour”. There are a variety of coins in the Queen collection and if you have money to burn then you can purchase the One Ounce Gold Proof Queen coin for £2020. We can’t think of a better way to celebrate Queen’s music than by blowing 2k on a coin, can you? 

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