Coronavirus Stimulus Bill Offers Protection for American Music Industry Workers

It is now widely recognised that the music industry has been disproportionately economically affected by the outbreak of Covid-19.

As has been reported right here on Rock My World, incalculable numbers of gigs and festivals have been cancelled as countries all over the world introduce lockdowns and ban public gatherings.

While locking down is perhaps a sensible healthy policy it has left workers in the music industry in a financial twist. In response to the general economic situation, the U.S. senate passed a bill to provide aid to a wide range of industries affected by the situation, including musicians and music industry workers.

Having watched one job after another getting cancelled, this will come as welcome news to musicians, roadies, sound engineers, and songwriters across America. Now, self-employed music industry professionals earning less than $100,000 per year will be able to apply for relief grants and emergency loans. It has been mooted that the emergency short-term loans may not have be repaid if the beneficiary has yet to make up the lost revenue by the end of the year.

These measures will prevent many self-employed workers, of which the music industry boasts many, from going under during these testing times. SONA, a songwriters and composers organisation, said, “We are grateful to members of Congress for understanding that songwriters, composers and many others who make a living within the music industry are small business owners.” This much needed recognition will save careers.

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