Kings of Leon Release New Song ‘Going Nowhere’

The Kings of Leon’s appropriately titled track — given the global coronavirus lockdown preventing us all from going anywhere — was released yesterday. 

The band posted a black and white video featuring only frontman Caled Followill singing the new song in an almost empty room. The only furniture in view is a couch upon which Followill sits and a microphone into which he sings. 

The video captures a live performance of the band’s new song, ‘Going Nowhere’.   The reflective track, combined with the simple yet emotive imagery, creates a melancholic vibe that no doubt many are feeling at this moment in the wake of the global crisis. In the caption below the video the band wrote, “Stay safe. Stay home. We will see you as soon as we can.” 

The Kings of Leon are set to perform several dates in the UK in June. Thus far, the gigs have not been cancelled, but with more gigs and festivals cancelling everyday, it might not be long before the Kings of Leon dates go the same way. 

Listen to the Kings of Leon’s new song, ‘Going Nowhere.’

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