KORN Cash In On Coronavirus by Flogging Branded Face-Masks

Californian Nu-Metal band, Korn, have been cashing in on the Coronavirus by selling Korn face masks for $11 a pop on their web store. 

The multiplatinum selling band have caused a minor controversy with their decision to sell face masks, with some fans accusing them of exploiting people’s fears surrounding the spread of the Covid-19 flu.

Since the outbreak began the price of surgical face masks has soared and every Del Boy on the internet is attempting to flog them to people who are scared of the virus. So much so that Facebook decided to ban advertisements selling surgical face masks across its networks. When asked to comment on the policy, a Facebook spokesperson responded, “Our teams are monitoring the COVID19 situation closely and will make necessary updates to our policies if we see people trying to exploit this public health emergency.”

What is more, Korn face masks will not do a damn thing to protect you from the virus because they not medical grade masks, they are just bits of cloth. If you’re afraid of catching the coronavirus save yourself some money and buy a box of 10 surgical face masks from Amazon.

Unfortunately, anyone who wanted to look cool in a Korn mask, will have to wait. The product is already sold out. But don’t worry, you can subscribe to “back in stock notifications” on their web store and be the first one to buy a mask when they are back in stock. 

And while you are there, why not buy some other Korn merchandise, like Korn coffee, or a Korn French Press. Why the hell not, ay? 

Want to find out more about Korn and the nu metal music scene, read our History of Nu Metal here. 

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