Music Industry Corona Crisis: The Big Moon Offer Online Guitar Lessons

The economic impact of the corona virus has been far reaching. The music industry has been particularly hard hit with the cancellation of festivals and gigs around the world. 

During these times of lockdown, artists are struggling to make ends meet. As reported earlier this week, some musicians have taken to live streaming their gigs, such as The Dropkick Murphys, while others have taken entrepreneurial paths towards financial security. 

For example, in response to financial crisis they find themselves in, UK band The Big Moon has decided to offer online guitar lessons for just £20. 

Advertising via the band’s Instagram account, The Big Moon’s front woman, Jules Jackson, has said she will, “teach u any song u like” for “£20 for a half hour sesh on zoom/skype.” All funds, says Jackson, will go towards “keeping band and crew alive for the foreseeable future.” 

So if you’re out of ideas on how to spend your time during self-isolation, why not hit up Jules Jackson on Instagram and start brushing up on your cover versions of The Big Moon songs, Jackson claims she knows them, “better than anyone else on earth.” Makes sense. 

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