Oasis Only Club Night: Coming Soon!

If you can’t get enough of singing along to Oasis with your mates then this is for you: a brand new club night that plays ONLY back-to-back Oasis songs is coming to London next month. 

Described as “the world’s only non-stop Oasis club night,” the event will consist only of music by Oasis, being played non-stop for 4 hours. To some that probably sounds like a nightmare, but to Oasis fans, and drunken Brits everywhere, it probably sounds like heaven. 

The first night will take place at Dingwalls, in London, on March 13th, followed by other nights in Manchester and Dublin. 

Organisers have said it is a chance for Oasis fans to get their fix since an Oasis reunion looks very unlikely.

Noel Gallagher recently suggested Liam’s new single, Once, should be played exactly that amount of times. Looks like there is still no love lost between the two brothers. 

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