Ozzy Diagnosed with Parkinson’s Disease

Black Sabbath frontman and all-round heavy metal legend, Ozzy Osbourne, admitted he has been diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease. 

According to Ozzy, he was diagnosed with Parkinson’s after suffering a bad fall following a concert on New Year’s Eve 2018 at The Forum in Los Angeles. Until now, he denied claims he was suffering from the disease, but said he could no longer keep a secret from his fans. “To hide something is hard. You never feel proper,” said Osbourne. 

Ozzy’s wife and manager, Sharon, said Ozzy’s condition was, “not a death sentence by any stretch of the imagination”. Though clearly, and understandably, the diagnosis has been hard on the whole family. 

Sharon and Ozzy intend to travel to Switzerland to meet with a doctor specialising in the immune system. “We’re going to go anywhere we can to get answers,” Sharon concluded. 

But Ozzy Osbourne isn’t a heavy metal legend for nothing! Despite his illness he still plans to go ahead with a UK tour in October. On top of that, he recently released a song with Elton John called ‘Ordinary Man’ and his new album will be out in February. Not bad for a 71-year-old with Parkinson’s! 

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