Radiohead to take a break in 2020

Radiohead announced they will be taking a break from working together in 2020 in order to focus on other things. 

Philip Selway, Radiohead’s drummer, said there are always discussions going on between the band members as to what will happen next, but during 2020 fans will not be treated to any new music or tours from Radiohead. 

Selway made clear that Radiohead will return saying, “We will pick that up again.” But he remained allusive as to when that would be. 

In the meantime, Thom Yorke will be gigging with his solo material and has just been confirmed as a headliner at Open’er Festival in Poland. Radiohead guitarist, Ed O’Brian, is on the verge of release a solo album and Selway is busy working on his third record. 

While it might disappoint fans to learn that they will have to wait at least another year before hearing new Radiohead material, the recently uploaded Radiohead discography, featuring 18 hours of previously unreleased bits and pieces from their classic album, ‘OK Computer,’ should keep fans busy for now. 

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