Back from the Dead!

Firstly, apologies, its been a very long time since I posted anything and this isn’t because Giant Drag have disappeared off the musical scene but because I have been very lazy. I intend to rectify this today and hopefully bring you all up to date with all the latest goings on with GD.

Firstly back in May Giant Drag performed at L.A.s famous Troubadour, which has also been host to the likes of the Eagles. Well, that night was equally historic, although not quite as published, for it saw Micah rejoining Annie on stage.

Check out this video of the night –

There was talk of Giant Drag heading on tour with the Charlatans, but unfortunately that was cancelled due to their drummer hurting his arm. However the good news is that Giant Drag went into the studio on September 30th to work on songs for the new record. They also posted an awesome music video, ‘Stuff to Live For’, which you can check out bellow.

Once again sorry for the lack posts! I shall work hard to keep up from now so check back soon!

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